What is DBT?

A specialized, comprehensive form of cognitive-behavioral therapy designed to help adults, adolescents and their families better manage their emotions, behaviors, and relationships. 

DBT includes both individual therapy and weekly skills training sessions.  DBT balances a validating and change-oriented approach, and through ongoing assessment, problem solving, and skills training, helps clients improve the following problems:

• Emotional dysregulation
• Impulsivity
• Anxiety, depression, anger
• Intentional self-injury
• Struggles with identity and sense of self
• Suicidal thoughts
• Borderline personality features
• Difficult relationships and family conflicts

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DBT now has overwhelming research support demonstrating its success with clients struggling with multiple problems.

DBT fosters enhancing quality of life, building a life worth living, and reaching valued goals.

Dr. Jill Rathus and colleagues developed the adolescent/family version of DBT.


Drs. DeRosa and Rathus are expertly skilled clinicians, who have been providing DBT & CBT for over 20 years. They have published widely & train & lecture on DBT & related topics around the globe.