Our Vision

Our practice started with a simple premise:
that we could offer compassionate, cutting-edge, customized treatments that work.

Over 18 years ago, we came together and began planning a psychology practice that was based on our shared vision of creating a gold-standard treatment center, which meant recruiting expert therapists who love the work they do, love working together, and are driven to provide the highest quality care.

Dr. Rathus and colleagues had developed the adolescent/family version of DBT, which is now implemented in clinics, private practices, schools, residential treatment centers & hospitals worldwide.  Dr. DeRosa, at Duke University, had been trained on one of the first DBT teams in the country, & had co-developed a CBT trauma-focused treatment as part of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network at North Shore University Hospital.

Forming a group practice allowed us to create a team approach, where colleagues meet weekly and share best practices and resources, collaborating while supporting one another as a community of therapists.  We balance our practice size to be large enough to offer a variety of therapists with a variety of areas of expertise, and small enough to maintain a warm, personalized approach that meets each client’s needs.

        We wanted to provide treatments that contain active ingredients based upon the latest research that help people make measurable progress toward their goals using relatively short-term treatments.  Through our academic affiliations and our own research endeavors, we even created and tested some of the treatments we provide.

Now, years later, we are so appreciative of the many clients and families who have trusted us with their care.  We hope that you will too.

Please feel free to contact us:  516.858.4328